Flat Rock Trail

The Flat Rock Trail rises a steep and rocky 1,200 feet above the trailhead located in Colonel Denning State Park. Although the journey may often be strenuous, the view of the Cumberland valley from Flat Rock provides a wonderful reward for your efforts.

Thousand Steps Trail

The 1,000 Steps trail makes for a great hike around the Jack’s Narrows area.  While there are many great partial views along this trail, it features four primary vistas: Mapleton Overlook, Mount Union Incline Vista, Shaughnessy Run Vista and Shorbs Summit Vista. This particular route is 9.7 miles long, has a minimum elevation gain of 1,880 feet and a cumulative elevation gain of 3,660 feet.

Ibberson Figure Eight Trail

The Ibberson Figure Eight Trail roughly follows the perimeter of the Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area which is a bit off the beaten track. The 4 mile trail passes stands of White Pine, the Appalachian Trail, groves of mature Mtn. Laurel, a serene little pond and a few places that beckon the weary traveler to rest and soak in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Chickies Rock Trail

There are many trails leading to Chickies Rock, you can take almost any one of them and get to the beautiful Chickies Rock Vista in less than 15 minutes.  If you don’t want to gain much elevation you can take the wide southern path or if you like the exercise, you can meander the many paths along Chickies Ridge.

Pole Steeple Trail

The trail to Pole Steeple starts near the parking lot on the south side of Laurel Lake in Pine Grove Furnace State Park and heads south 0.8 miles through Michaux State Forest toward Piney Mountain ridge. The trail gains 535 feet in elevation.as you reach the top of the prominent quartzite outcropping known as Pole Steeple.

Sunset Rocks Trail

The Sunset Rocks loop is about 2.5 miles long.  If you hike from the east parking lot and head due south up the mountainside to the Sunset Rocks Vista you will gain 410 feet in less than half a mile; that’s pretty steep.  An easier route would be to park in the west lot, head south and then go east up the more gradual ridge slope.

Hammonds Rocks Trail

Unlike Most of the other Trails on this site, the Hammonds Rocks Trail runs along drivable roadways and, in fact, you can drive to within 100 feet of the Hammonds Rocks Vista.  The first three quarters of a mile of the trail are paved and the remaining two and a quarter miles are rough gravel and dirt.

White Rocks Trail

The White Rocks Trail is a scenic hiking trail located at the north end of South Mountain.  It will lead you along the White Rocks ridge and eventually meets up with the Appalachian Trail at Center Point Knob. It passes 3 vista points and offers frequent glimpses of the valleys to the north and south.

Shikellamy State Park Trail

Shikellamy State Park’s Deer Trail is about 1.5 miles long, has an elevation gain of approximately 200 feet and passes by 3 beautiful vistas showcasing the small town of Northumberland PA 400 feet below. If you’re not into hiking the full loop you can park virtually right next to each vista.

Peters Mountian Power Circuit

The Peters Mtn. Power Circuit is a fairly long and level hike along the ridge of Peters Mountain and it offers 2 panoramic vistas. Although the trail is about 9 miles long it can be split into two shorter 1.5 mile and 7 mile hikes.

Peters Mountain Trail

The Peters Mountain Loop Trail near Duncannon, PA is about 3.7 miles long and can probably be hiked by most people in under 2 hours.  It rises about 930 feet above the trail-head and runs along the ridge for a mile offering glimpses to the north and south through the trees as well as two beautiful vistas.

Hawk Rock Trail

The trail to Hawk Rock makes for an interesting little hike out near Duncannon, PA.  It’s about a mile long and gains approximately 750 feet in elevation, you can probably walk it in an hour if you only go out and back.  Taking the loop will take a little longer due to a slightly rougher non-blazed trail.