Hammonds Rocks Trail

Unlike Most of the other Trails on this site, the Hammonds Rocks Trail runs along drivable roadways and, in fact, you can drive to within 100 feet of the Hammonds Rocks Vista.  The first three quarters of a mile of the trail are paved and the remaining two and a quarter miles are rough gravel and dirt.

The trek to Hammonds Rocks begins near Laurel Lake (Laurel Forge Pond) at the intersection of Pine Grove Road and Cold Springs Road.  From there you take Cold Springs Rd. to the north for about 2.3 miles until you encounter a four way intersection with Ridge Road.  At that point make a right on Ridge Road and head east for approximately .8 miles where you will see Hammonds Rocks on the right hand side.

Trail Pictures

Hammonds Rocks Vista Pictures

  • Nearest Town: Mount Holly Springs, PA, USA
  • Nearest Park: Pine Grove Furnace State Park
  • Dog Friendly: Yes

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