Peters Mountain Trail

The Peters Mountain Loop Trail near Duncannon, PA is about 3.7 miles long and can probably be hiked by most people in under 2 hours.  It rises about 930 feet above the trail-head and runs along the ridge for a mile offering glimpses to the north and south through the trees as well as two beautiful vistas.

You start your journey at the parking lot located at the south end of the Clarks Ferry bridge and then cross the train tracks near the sign for the Appalachian Trail.  Follow the AT’s white blazes for about .85 miles to reach Sherman’s Peek which is located about 50 feet before a very prominent switchback.  After you turn left at that switchback continue winding through 6 more switchbacks as you traverse .6 miles along the steepest part of this trail. Once you reach the seventh switchback you’ll see a large rock denoting the beginning of your walk along the ridge of Peters Mountain.

Shortly after you reach the ridge you will briefly cross over to the right (south) side of the mountain; this is the Peters Mountain Dauphin Overlook. Here you can see over the treetops all the way to Dauphin, PA and further up the Susquehanna River. You can also see Susquenita High School across the river on the right side.

Depending on your perspective, the next portion of the trail can be considered either challenging or fun as you hop from one large rock to the next. After you have traveled about .75 miles along the ridge you will see a well marked tree with double blue blazes on the left side of the trail.  Take the blue blazed trail down the mountain for about .5 miles until you reach an old wide logging trail.

At this point you can either continue following the blue blazed trail until you meet back up with the AT and then head right (east) back to the parking lot; or if you’re too tired you can follow an unmarked trail about 10 feet to the right of the blue trail which will shave about 20 minutes off your time but it is a significantly steeper disused trail.  There is probably a good reason that trail isn’t marked so I recommend sticking with the blue trail all of the way down.

Trail Pictures

Sherman’s Peek Vista Pictures

Peters Mountain Dauphin Overlook Vista Pictures

  • Nearest Town: Duncannon, PA, USA
  • Dog Friendly: Yes

One thought on “Peters Mountain Trail

  1. Me and the girlfriend did the loop hike 3-16-14. Was wanting to do this last year around this time (before the leaves blocked the views) but trail was covered in ice. It wasn’t much better this time, but the very side hugging the edge was thawed out. We decided to go for it! Glad we did, the summit has a breathtaking view. Lots of fun rock scrambles along the ridge to keep us entertained. All in all a nice hike. It was getting dark and colder so we didn’t stay on the ridge too long, although I could have sat there all day watching the trains along the mainline. both the A.T. and the blue Susquehanna trail are well marked. I would recommend this this hike to anybody that likes a little more than a passive trail hike.

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