Peters Mountian Power Circuit

The Peters Mtn. Power Circuit is a fairly long and level hike along the ridge of Peters Mountain and it offers 2 panoramic vistas. Although the trail is about 9 miles long it can be split into two shorter 1.5 mile and 7 mile hikes.

The hike starts at the parking lot where Rt. 225 crosses over the ridge of Peters Mountain. There’s ample parking here but it can get crowded on weekends during the fall. From here you can go either west or east along the Appalachian Trail which runs along this section of the mountain ridge.  The East Peters Mtn. Power Line Cut Vista is about .7 miles to the east while the West Peters Mtn. Power Line Cut Vista is about 3.5 miles to the west. Walking to both vistas requires about 9 miles of hiking.

The trail leading to the west from the parking lot starts out rugged and rough with typical Pennsylvania rocks created by ridge erosion but it eventually smooths out after a couple miles.  The Appalachian Trail to the east of the parking lot is less rugged since it eventually joins up with a wide drivable trail.  If so inclined, you can take the wide path from the parking lot all of the way to the east power line cut.

Trail Pictures

East Peters Mtn. Power Line Cut Vista Pictures

West Peters Mtn. Power Line Cut Vista Pictures

  • Nearest Town: Inglenook, PA, USA
  • Nearest Park: Ibberson Conservation Area State Park
  • Dog Friendly: Yes

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