Shikellamy State Park Trail

Shikellamy State Park’s Deer Trail is about 1.5 miles long, has an elevation gain of approximately 200 feet and passes by 3 beautiful vistas showcasing the small town of Northumberland PA 400 feet below. If you’re not into hiking the full loop you can park virtually right next to each vista.

Unfortunately the elevation information from Google seems to be a bit off and subsequently makes it look like the main road and the trail fall off the side of the cliff.  Please keep this in mind when viewing the above elevation data.

When I first arrived I was surprised to see that the park was closed for the winter season. Fortunately there was room to park near the front gate but I wish the Shikellamy State Park pamphlet had mentioned this potentially vital piece of information.

After walking up the paved road to the primary park area I found the Deer Trail to be fairly wide and well maintained.  It offers a serene walk through the woods and it would seem to be an excellent place for a family gathering or the quintessential “walk in the park”.

Concerning the vistas along the trail, the tower view is nice but the other north and south vistas are spectacular.

The state of Pennsylvania graciously provides the following PDF documents Shikellamy State Park Map and Shikellamy State Park Info.

Trail Pictures

Shikellamy State Park Vistas Pictures

  • Nearest Town: Northumberland, PA, USA
  • Nearest Park: Shikellamy State Park
  • Dog Friendly: Dogs are allowed but must be leashed.

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