Sunset Rocks Trail

The Sunset Rocks loop is about 2.5 miles long.  If you hike from the east parking lot and head due south up the mountainside to the Sunset Rocks Vista you will gain 410 feet in less than half a mile; that’s pretty steep.  An easier route would be to park in the west lot, head south and then go east up the more gradual ridge slope.

The eastern parking area only has enough room for about ten cars and can fill up rather quickly on a weekend whereas the less used western lot can probably hold 15 or more vehicles.

It’s important to note that there is a section of trail which requires a bit of rock scrambling 300 yards to the west of the Sunset Rocks Vista.  It’s not too difficult to hike but the trail in that area isn’t always well marked which can make it a challenge to find your way from boulder to boulder.

Trail Pictures

Sunset Rocks Vista Pictures

  • Nearest Town: Shippensburg, PA, USA
  • Nearest Park: Pine Grove Furnace State Park
  • Dog Friendly: Yes, but they should be hearty hikers.

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