White Rocks Trail

The White Rocks Trail is a scenic hiking trail located at the north end of South Mountain.  It will lead you along the White Rocks ridge and eventually meets up with the Appalachian Trail at Center Point Knob. It passes 3 vista points and offers frequent glimpses of the valleys to the north and south.

After leaving the trailhead you will encounter two forks in the trail, bear right at both of them and head up towards the mountain ridge.  After rounding a bend to the left (west) you will see why this hiking trail is called “White Rocks”; the exposed outcroppings of white quartzite rocks which cover the eastern end of the trail are very striking and can’t be missed.  Here you also have a chance to take in a view of the Great Valley to the north.

After making your way up the barren white slope you will encounter large boulders and numerous trees, none of which will be blazed but some may have AT boundary signs.  While the eroded boulders don’t force you to do any scrambling, they are rather photogenic and provide an opportunity for some easy climbing.

After hiking about six tenths of a mile you will meet up with the blue blazes, keep hiking along the ridge for another two tenths of a mile until you see a large rock outcropping to the left (south).  There will be blue arrows pointing up to the top of a large boulder, this is the  White Rocks Vista.  After taking in the scenery on the cool white boulders you can keep traveling west towards the Center Point Knob.

In a little less than half of a mile you will arrive at another tall rocky outcrop which doesn’t provide much of a view unless you are there when the trees are without leaves, at that time you can get a glimpse of a picturesque gap in the mountains across the valley.  From here you are only a quarter of a mile away from the Appalachian trail’s center point.

Once you’ve made your way to the summit at Center Point Knob you can get a few peeks of the surrounding Cumberland valley.  From here you can take the AT 2.5 miles north to Boiling Springs, you can head about 1 mile south along the AT to the Alec Kennedy shelter. or you can head about 1.5 miles back to the trailhead at Kuhn Road.

Trail Pictures

White Rocks Vista Pictures

  • Nearest Town: Boiling Springs, PA, USA
  • Nearest Park: State Game Lands #305
  • Dog Friendly: Yes

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