Flat Rock Vista

The beautiful Flat Rock Vista offers an exceptional view of the expansive 13 mile wide Cumberland Valley with South Mountain as a backdrop. The flat valley floor is covered with a patchwork of farm fields and small towns while the sky is frequently dotted with a variety of large birds including Turkey Vultures and the occasional Golden Eagle

Shorbs Summit Vista

With an elevation of 2,280 feet, the Shorbs Summit Vista on Jacks Mountain is 1,735 feet above and 4.7 trail-miles north of the Thousand Steps trailhead. To the northwest you can see the town of Huntingdon. Some of the mountains within the 25+ mile view include Clear Ridge, Bark Ridge, Stone Creek Ridge, Allegrippis Ridge, Tussey Mountain and Bald Eagle Mountain.

Shaughnessy Run Vista

The Shaughnessy Run Vista is 1450 feet above and 3.4 trail-miles north of the Thousand Steps trailhead. To the northwest you can see the towns of Mill Creek and Huntingdon.  Some of the undulating Mountains within view are Clear Ridge, Sideling Hill, Allegrippis Ridge, Tussey Mountain, Brush Mountain and the furthest is Bald Eagle Mountain which is about 25 miles away.

Mount Union Incline Vista

The Mount Union Incline Vista is in the Jack’s Narrows area where the Juniata River cuts through Jacks Mountain.  It is 850 feet above and .9 trail-miles northeast of the Thousand Steps trailhead. To the east you can see the town of Mount Union, Mine Bank Ridge, Blue Mountain, Blacklog Mountain and Shade Mountain. To the west you can catch a glimpse of Mapleton.

Jack’s Narrows Mapleton Overlook

The Mapleton Overlook vista is in the Jack’s Narrows area where the Juniata River cuts through Jacks Mountain.  It is 1,000 feet above and 1.2 trail miles north of the Thousand Steps trailhead. From here you can see the small town of Mapleton, the Juniata River, Clear Ridge, Sideling Hill and Terrace Mountain.

Ibberson Bench Vista

The Ibberson Bench vista certainly isn’t the grandest or most magnificent of views but its quaint setting and bucolic scenery make it a welcome rest stop among the many wandering trails of Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area.

Chickies Rock Vista

Chickies Rock Vista is at the top of a 200 foot tall cliff on the west end of Chickies Ridge. The Susquehanna River’s east bank is a mere 150 feet away and the 180 degree panoramic view is beautiful. To the south the Wrights Ferry Bridge connects the two PA boroughs of Columbia and Wrightsville, to the north farmlands surround Marietta and Maytown, and to the west the sinuous Susquehanna River winds around Round Top.

Hammonds Rocks Vista

The Hammonds Rocks Vista is located about 100 feet off of Ridge Road which means it can be easily accessed by almost anyone, unfortunately this includes vandals with spray cans.  The voluminous quantity of graffiti is the first thing to strike you when approaching this otherwise magnificent rock outcropping.

White Rocks Vista

The primary vista along the White Rocks trail is currently limited by tall trees but the glimpses you get from atop the large boulders are well worth the relatively short hike.

Pole Steeple Vista

The view from the Pole Steeple Vista is one of the best in the state of Pennsylvania.  It offers a tremendous panoramic view of Pine Grove State Park, the Cumberland Valley and the surrounding Michaux State Forest.

Sunset Rocks Vista

The vista at Sunset Rocks is your reward for hiking the short steep trail below it.  The view is partially obscured by trees but the confluence of mountain ridges across the valley can be rather breathtaking on a clear autumn day.

Shikellamy Northumberland Overlooks

The Shikellamy Northumberland Overlooks are a series of three overlooks within .35 miles of each other.  They are approximately 400 feet above the point where the smaller north and west branches of the Susquehanna coalesce to form the main trunk of the broad Susquehanna River. From here you can see scenic Northumberland PA, Packers Island and the northern tip of Sunbury PA.

Peters Mountain East Power Cut

This vista is created by a power line cut further to the east along Peters Mountain which clears the trees for an excellent view to the north and a view to the south.

Peters Mountain West Power Cut

This vista is created by a power line cut at the west end of Peters Mountain which clears the trees for excellent views to the north and the south.

Table Rock

Table Rock is a welcome rest stop for weary Appalachian Trail hikers.

Peters Mountain Dauphin Overlook

From here you can see the Susquehanna River, Second Mountain, the far end of Cove Mountain, Blue Mountain, the town of Dauphin PA; and, if you bring your binoculars, the Mini Statue of Liberty in the Susquehanna River.

Sherman’s Peek

The Sherman’s Peek vista is located directly across from the point where Sherman’s Creek empties into the Susquehanna River.  From here you can see the end of Cove Mountain, Sherman’s Creek, the three bridges which cross Sherman’s Creek, and the borough of Duncannon PA.

Cove Mountain Duncannon Overlook

You can see the Susquehanna River, The Juniata River, Sherman’s Creek, Peter’s Mountain, five different bridges, the small town of Duncannon and the surrounding valley.

Hawk Rock

The Hawk Rock overlook offers a view of Sherman’s Creek, the small town of Duncannon, the surrounding valley and the convergence of the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers near the Clark’s Ferry Bridge.