Hammonds Rocks Vista

The Hammonds Rocks Vista is located about 100 feet off of Ridge Road which means it can be easily accessed by almost anyone, unfortunately this includes vandals with spray cans.  The voluminous quantity of graffiti is the first thing to strike you when approaching this otherwise magnificent rock outcropping.

The Hammonds Rocks Vista can be accessed via the Hammonds Rocks Trail.

Hammonds Rocks are located on South Mountain and the mountain you see across the valley is Piney Mountain.

  • Nearest Town: Mount Holly Springs, PA, USA
  • Nearest Park: Pine Grove Furnace State Park
  • Dog Friendly: Yes.

5 thoughts on “Hammonds Rocks Vista

  1. I visited the rocks with a lady friend of mine back in ’78. Time of year was nice, crisp and cool with a clear view to the south. We talked for a while sitting on the leading edge. Suddenly something felt different. I turned and looked behind and there was a massive black cloud bearing down on us. I jumped up motioned for her hand and said C’mon, let’s go !! To which she replied, Why? What’s wrong ? and she turned and looked with an OMG!! We both rock hopped back to the cast iron ladder (I wonder, is it still there?) Climbed down, just about reached the car and the cloud exploded with a blizzard. We got in the car and watched the white bath. Part of me would have liked to stay, but clouds can and do have lightning although there wasn’t any. We may have been flash frozen to the spot.

    • The cast iron ladder is gone but every now and then, someone brings an aluminum one up and ties it to the rocks but they don’t seem to last very long.

      Thanks for the story.

      • Where on the rock did the ladder used to be? Trying to complete a geocache but can’t find the remaining, visible bolts needed to claim the cache!

        • Best I could tell you is the first place you would have to climb at least seven feet to top the rock. Don’t believe it would be visible on GE.

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