Peters Mountain East Power Cut

This vista is created by a power line cut further to the east along Peters Mountain which clears the trees for an excellent view to the north and a view to the south.

This vista can be accessed via the Peters Mountain Power Circuit.

  • Nearest Town: Waynesville, PA, USA
  • Nearest Park: Ibberson Conservation Area State Park
  • Dog Friendly: Yes

3 thoughts on “Peters Mountain East Power Cut

    • This site is located between Dauphin and Halifax PA.

      Take Rt. 225 to the top of the hill (Peters Mountain) and there is a short dirt road leading to a parking lot. Do not park in front of the white house as it is a private residence. The parking lot is at the very top of the hill, on the outside of the curve.

      The power cut is less than a mile away to the east, which means you go the opposite way from the walkway over Rt. 225. If you walk 2 miles you will get to Table Rock.

      Hope that helps.

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